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Dec 25, 2009 in miscellaneous


december 24th, back home in germany that’s the main christmas evening. but here in brazil we have other things to do.

sandra, patrick and me got the day off from work today and we decided to do a day trip to the tatajuba lagoon.

to tatajuba it’s a 45 min. drive with a buggy up north the coast. on the way, our driver stops at a small place and askeds us for a 20 min. boat drive to see some sea horses and crabs. we took these chance and we were lucky to find some.

after that we drove further north, passed a small river mouth with a funny ferry and drove on big sand dunes.

finally we passed the little village tatajuba and ended up at the tatajuba lagoon. down there, there is a nice fish restaurant at the lagoon, while eating your meal you have your feet in the water or you can chill in some hammocks, which are also in the water.

the wind at the lagoon is quiet a bit of gusty, but it’s not that bad. and it’s lot’s of fun to kite in sweet water. after our kite session we had some shrimps at the restaurant,
the food is awesome and the caipirinha is very strong.

the funny part of this trip was, that I didn’t expected to see so many animals. we saw sea horses, crabs, cows, dogs, donkeys, pigs (in the water) horses, fish and cooked shrimps.

around 5 pm we drove back to jeri and went out for a nice christmas dinner at “na casa dela”.
I wish you all some nice christmas days.

you can find some pics of our nice christmas  trip under the following link: view the tatajuba galerie


surfing jeri.

Dec 18, 2009 in surfing, watersport


after every day wind in the last 2,5 month I’m a bit sick of kitesurfing. so at the moment I prefer to go surfing when ever it’s possible.

right now there is a good swell coming in to jeri and I think also the new moon helps a bit to have nice surfing conditions. it’s still possible to go with a longboard, but  a few guys are on shortboards.

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