Extreme sailing series Hamburg

The Extreme Sailing Series™ is in Hamburg, Germany right now for their 5th event of the 2017 season. All teams are fighting against the tricky conditions including very light winds, lots of rain and a big current on the river Elbe. I had the chance to spent a day with the NZ Extreme Sailing Team. Thanks to skipper Chris Steele and his NZ Extreme Sailing Team especially Josh Salthouse & Rob “Salty” Salthouse for having me, see you soon.

A day out sailing on HUGO BOSS.


Due to Famous Frank I had the chance to get on board of HUGU BOSS, the Open 60 from Alex Thomson Racing. Few weeks ago Alex was on a promotion tour in the Baltic sea and had a stopover on the beautiful Island of Sylt in the North Sea on his way back home to the UK. So we jumped in the car and onto the train to meet Alex in List/Sylt. It ‘s quiet incredible that these crazy guys sail non-stop around the world by themselves on a boat that size in the VendĂ©e Globe.

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