Teahupoo, Tahiti.

Today we went to one of the world’s famous waves, Teahupoo. We got a water taxi out to the line up for an hour. It was very impressive how the guys surf or stand up paddle this beast. Some pros like Koa Rothman, Nathan Florence, Cory Lopez, & Owen Wright were out there to get some barrels.

Here are some pics:


A dream comes true.



Friday, 24th of April, the big trip will go on his way and we are going to leave Sint Maarten in the Caribbean and head out into the Caribbean see towards Panama. From there we will go thru the Panama canal and follow our path to the Galapagos Island, where we will stop for three days to fill up with fuel & food.

From Galapagos we will sail into the South Pacific with our designated destination, Tahiti.

If everything goes well we will be there in 30 days…touch wood, fingers crossed!

I will do my best to post pictures and infos on this website.

See you in Panama.



yesterday we went to elandsbaii, which is 2 hrs north of table view for surfing. but for me the waves were too big, so I decided to stay out of the fridge, the water was much colder than in cape town, and took lots of pics.