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Thank’s a lot to my “sponsors“, they give me with their equipment the chance to get some nice sessions on the water… all around the globe.


Firewire surfboards

for my waveboards I got a deal with Tom Hautzel, who is the german distributor of Firewire kitesurfboards.
actually Firewire is a famous surfboard brand, but after Felix Pivec joined them, they got also pretty big in the kite waveboard business.

Check their website:  www.firewiresurfboards.com/kitesurfing


AXIS kiteboarding

AXIS invented kiteboarding back in 1964 long before anyone else had even thought of it. Just kidding, since 1998 our founder & designer Adrian Roper has pioneered kiteboard design with many of today’s industry standards, and continues to lead the way in kiteboard design refining timeless concepts and integrating new technologies.

AXIS are a sophisticated global team, starting the design and development in New Zealand, testing the products across the Pacific, America, Europe and our secret facility on the moon.  AXIS kiteboards are produced in the most respected factories, and distributed through select kiteboarding shops and schools across throughout the Globe.

AXIS put the work in to create only the best products for your kiteboard experience, why? Because they can, and they ride them too.

AXIS Kiteboarding is a growing family with roots at the beginning of our sport, our products represent the best on offer and fuel the stoke of kiteboarders all over the world.  So join them and see for yourself that AXIS kiteboards will be the only board you will want to ride!

Check their board range at  www.axiskiteboarding.com


From June 2010 I’m on the new Ozone C4 Kite, which is a C-Kite shape with lots of speed and power. At the moment Ozone is not very big in Germany, but I trust in their kites and will help them to get bigger. If you see me at the beach, just ask for a testride.

Check them on the Web: www.ozonekites.de


Famous Frank

I know Frank Rosin from famousfrank.com since I started competing on the KST Tour in 2004. He and his team offer a really nice online shop. They are really good in consulting, always friendly and have an ear for the customers. If you have problems with your stuff, they will help you til you are happy. They also have a big range of test material (boards & kites). Check their website to see the next test event.

Check it out: www.famousfrank.com

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